Plan for the Day

Morning, peeps. My plan for the day is:

– post about the mask fabrics I have for autumn / Halloween (woot!)
– sew more mask orders (going to try to whip through backlog in the next few days)

– maybe try a new mask pattern?

– make a fresh batch of curry powder

– ship out a book and curry powders

– supervise Anand’s e-learning (Kevin teaches MWF, so I mostly do the days — at this point, it’s usually just one question or so / hour, and often the question is, “where is my math notebook” and the answer is “in the same basket all the other school stuff is”)

– schedule Kavi’s orthodontist

– do a quick revision pass on “Hush” (thanks for feedback, Jed, very helpful!)
– send it to my workshop
– revise a food essay

– meet with Margaret Treanor Frey for an hour at noon to work on our comic, “Assuming You Survive”

– record more of my students’ reading journal assignments

– send notes to any that are behind and ask them what’s up?

– work on the “Mohanraj and Rosenbaum Are Humans” SLF podcast Kickstarter (currently planning to launch 10/15)
– contact the SLF individual grant donors and remind them to send checks for next year’s grants

– start setting up a SLF Patreon

– keep bringing up more tombstones from the basement (I like the heavy ones that don’t blow over, so it’s slow — I’m wondering if I can store them under the porch instead) — goal of getting exterior Halloween up by 10/1
– plant some irises

– if feeling ambitious, divide some irises!

Nice day, I think. I’m not heavily scheduled this week, for the first time in a long time, and it’s really a relief.

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