Note the Flaming A

It’s not even 9 a.m., but I feel like I’m moving very slowly this morning. Maybe it’s the weather dropping ten degrees; part of my brain thinks it’s time to hibernate, clearly. But I’m up, and working, and will hopefully be able to give my students coherent feedback on their attempts at thesis statements. We’ll see. Planning to alternate academic work and mask sewing today. And *not* climb back into bed under the covers. Right?

Coffee, PLEASE kick in soon.

Here are some cute photos of Anand’s socially distanced birthday party yesterday. He just had a few friends over for Minecraft and cake and Kids Against Maturity (a game that’s easy to play while socially distanced). The kids did need to be reminded to put their masks back on after eating, but otherwise did a good job maintaining distance.

Note big flaming “A” for Anand on cake. 🙂

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