A Magpie At Heart

Here’s one tip for coping with fall/winter pandemic blues — when you light candles, light lots. I read that folks in Denmark light WAY more candles than Americans do.

“Each Dane burns around six kilos of candle wax each year which is 13.2277 pounds.”

I figured they knew what they were doing, in a land of much cold, darkness, and hygge. So I tried it, and I am here to testify that a dozen flickering candles is much cheerier than one or two. I was feeling grey and cranky this morning, but I lit a TON of candles (where I was working, in the dining room), and felt pretty instantly better.

Look! Shiny pretty. I am secretly a magpie at heart.

Please feel free to drop your suggestion for best places to buy bulk affordable (but also decently long-burning, etc.) candles in comments.

(I am also mildly obsessed with woodland creatures wearing clothes for some unknown reason. I regret nothing.)

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