Thinking of Halloween

September 26th, so time to start thinking about Halloween. We’ll put out the yard decor on October 1st (maybe go a little bigger on outside decor than normal, since we’re not spending money on party supplies / food this year?), and try to figure out what to do about trick-or-treating.

I don’t think Oak Park has any recommendations out yet? I’d like to help make the holiday feel fun for the neighborhood kids. Thoughts? What’s happening in your neighborhoods?

We do have a Little Free Library where we can post flyers and things. For Easter, we did a Easter egg hunt just up and down the block for the little kids. I was trying to think what we could do here that would be Covid-safe for Halloween. I was trying to figure out if we could do a scavenger hunt, but I think anything in our yard would encourage more congregation than would be safe.

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