Halloween for the SLF

I had an idea for the SLF for Halloween, and I just know I don’t really have time to organize it.  But if someone else wants to take the lead, or a few people, I could help.  The idea is a few hours (or several hours, or 24 hours) of Halloween ‘programming’.  We’d have a Zoom set up for it, and schedule:

– a couple of free writing workshops aimed at producing spooky fiction and/or poetry

– a few co-writing sessions, where we just meet and write together

– but mostly, several readings — I’m picturing booking writers in 30-minute slots, to do a reading and take any Q&A afterwards.  You might be reading to 1 person!  Or 100!  Hard to say.  But we’re record them all and put them up on our website / YouTube channel afterwards as well, and you could then link to them from your site

What do you think?  Worth doing?  I’m mostly thinking Halloween is going to be a little sad this year, and I’d like us to do something to help with the spooky cheer.  But this would also be a good test case for my whole ‘rolling 24-hour convention’ concept, in a really mild sort of way.

I think what I’d need to make this happen are:

– several people willing to take responsibility for hosting a 2-hr segment of the day (can be a combination of writing workshop / co-writing / readings)

– readers (ideally it’d be great to have at least a few big name people involved — who would you most like to hear reading a spooky story to you on Halloween?  I can ask!  but also newer pros and also fill in with some aspiring writers in a rapid-fire 3 minutes-each reading)

What do y’all think?

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