A Dream Life

Ten years in, my fall perennial garden is finally getting to be something rather nice. I prioritized spring when I first started gardening here, then early summer, and was probably five years in before I started planting much for autumn. It’s getting there, especially in the parkway.

Russian sage, various sedums, mums, asters, ageratum (annual, reseeds), celosia and pansies in pot (annuals), malva zebrina. Coming along, coming along. Should have some autumn crocus blooming in a few weeks too. Usually I’d have some showy dahlia, but I was slow planting them this year — I have a few that’ll hopefully bloom soon, but none in the parkway this time around. Next year.

It’s really wonderful working on the front porch, mornings in the early fall, watching neighbors walking their dogs and their wee children, pausing to look at (or smell!) the flowers, pet my very friendly cat, or peek in the little library.

A little bit of a dream of a life here. 🙂

Most of the grown-ups passing are wearing masks, which honestly just makes it feel more neighborly in a way — let us take care of each other. You can still see smiles in their eyes, and hear the delight in their voices.

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