Flash Sale

I have some goodies left over, so if you missed out on the September treat boxes and are sad, you can still pick one up for $30 if you like. It won’t have everything that was in the Patreon box, but it’ll have more of the things it does have, so it’s still nice and full.

• jasmine rose black tea (in a test tube)
• mulled apple cider, honey, and jaggery marshmallows
• banana scones with candied ginger, cranberry, and a jaggery-brown butter glaze
• chocolate cayenne sandwich cookie with mango curd

• salted caramel iced cookies

Just comment below if you want one (I think I can do 5 more with what I have on hand), and we can arrange payment via PayPal…

3 thoughts on “Flash Sale”

  1. Would love to buy a treat box if they are still available. (Sorry if this is a repeat response; not sure if my last one went through).

    1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

      Hello Kavita, we apologize for the late reply, but we don’t have any more September boxes available to send out. However, we’d be happy to ship to Hawaii for the next time.

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