Like Opening Presents

Okay, so I put my head down this morning and got through a big pile of work, and I’m feeling a bit better. There’s still so much to do, but never mind, never mind.

I gave myself a treat on my lunch break because the yarn I’d ordered from WEBS – America’s Yarn Store had arrived — this is Malabrigo Rios (which means rivers in Spanish), in color way Hojas (leaves): it seemed like it’d be a great color for autumn, and would go very nicely with my leather jacket.

The skeins of yarn needed to be wound into balls, and the treat was pulling out the ball winder and swift that I’d bought last year and never got around to using. Woot! Like opening presents. 🙂

I tried just using the ball winder first, and that was okay, except that as you might have expected, at some point, I managed to tangle up my skein, and the next fifteen minutes were a rather tedious process of untangling as I tried to wind. If I’d had the back of a chair or a husband around, I could’ve enlisted their aid, but alas, neither were available in my shed.

But then I set up the swift, and oh, that was not just effective, it was fun. Cranking the little ball winder and watching the swift go whirring around was immensely satisfying. Love love love.

I did two balls, which should be enough for Dominique Trad’s Autopilot Cowl that I’m planning to start next — a very simple (and free) pattern designed to be worked ‘on autopilot,’ so perfect for accompanying attending convention panels on YouTube or Zoom meetings where I don’t have to be running the meeting, and can mostly just listen. Ideal for the ADD folks who need to keep their hands occupied…


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