A Demented Elf

I kind of look like a demented elf when I put on all my swim gear. Yesterday was surprisingly warm, getting up to 83F. So we went swimming, or rather, Anand and I did. The pool was only up to 68F, and Kavi says that’s too cold for her. I admit, it was a little painful getting in, and though my legs adapted quickly, putting my face in the water was a bit of a shock.

But with the rash guard and swim cap to help, after five minutes of doing leisurely laps, my body had adapted, and it just felt pleasantly cool. I think we’ll get at least one more week of swimming out of the backyard pool — the next few days are cool, but it’s supposed to warm up again next week.

And then, I imagine we’ll shut it down for the season — Anand is sad about that. Summer does have to end, at least in Chicago…

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