9:45 pm., and just finished last major deadline, sending a revised pitch for a novella to George. I’ve had 5 or so days of working straight through morning to night, mostly catching up on stuff that start-of-semester and e-learning put me behind on, and I am TIRED.

I have a doctor’s appt. in the morning (semi-annual check-in with oncologist, should be routine, plus TSH bloodwork to make sure my thyroid is behaving as expected), and also need to do some grading tomorrow, but only about 2-3 hours or so; I think I may declare the rest of the day a holiday and stay in bed. 🙂

Many re-runs of GBBO? Supervising Anand’s e-learning from a prone position on the couch? Perhaps.

Here’s a bit of the proposal, which may amuse. Picture P.G. Wodehouse meets trading places sex romp meets ghost story…? Something like that.

“We open with Lord Reggie and Lady Sri in the antique shop, where Sri has dragged her husband to find the perfect accessory for one of her formal saris. Reggie and Sri are charming on the surface, bantering, but there’s a little bit of an edge on Sri’s part. She’d met Reggie at a sex party in Delhi, after all, and though the life of a lady had sounded appealing, in fact, it’s rather dull. She’s the one who pushed to accept the invitation to a house party – something new, darling! – and Reggie is fond enough of her to go along with it. But he’s also a little cranky, especially as his trusty butler wasn’t available to join them for this venture; the first two weeks in [x month], he’s always off visiting his sister in the States. Usually Reggie just spends that time playing with his dogs and riding his horses. He’s rather lost without old Spencer.”

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