The Font of All Wisdom

I was really failing to come up with anything decent for Kevin’s 50th birthday last week, given pandemic limitations. But I asked on the local working moms’ FB group, which is the font of all wisdom, and got lots of great suggestions.

This is one of them — order great groceries from The Girl and the Goat, and you don’t even have to drive downtown — you can pick them up at Fitzgerald’s in Berwyn. Score. They call it the Girl and Goatceries. 🙂

Pictured here is their cheese board, along with a few salamis and some cherry jam I’d picked up previously. Also their sausage sampler, eight different sausages that require cooking. Plus house-made pickled onions, pickled peppers, mayo, yogurt-tahini, chili oil, spiced nuts. Also their elotes kit, because I love elotes. We weren’t in the mood to cook that night, so we just made a huge array of munchies. Worked for us!

Delicious, recommended if you’re feeling like a splurge. We threw most of the sausages in the freezer, to be cooked on future days.

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