Yesterday I assembled the new bike rack in the partially-cleaned and organized garage and actually set up the bikes so that they can easily get in and out. It’s SO much better in there now! Organization is one of my favorite things.

Then I went biking for first time in many months — the weather is perfect for it today. Sunny and not too warm, also not too cold. Start of fall biking season! The roads are emptier than they used to be, which makes bike riding a little less intimidating…

It took me a little while to figure out all the bike stuff — adjust the helmet strap to actually fit me, wear a mask with head elastics so I can have it down around my neck while riding, but easily pull it up if I’m stopping near people, or when I get to my destination. I also had to find the bike lock — it’s been a while! And remember to grab the garage remote from the car so I could close it when outside. A lot of little things to remember!

But I wore a backpack and rode a half mile or so to our fabulous grocery co-op, Sugar Beet Food Co-op, where I picked up some nice rosé cider for me, and a few beers for Kevin, and some fresh figs and strawberries just ’cause they looked yummy, and some dried figs and pumpkin seeds to make chocolate bars with for the September treat boxes.

And then I biked back, and with the heavy backpack I noticed it a little, but I certainly wasn’t tired — I think I’m going to try a longer bike ride soon. My goal is to be able to easily bike up to Amanda’s The Daly Bagel shop for delicious fresh bagels. I’d also like to be able to bike to Thatcher Woods, where I think there are bike trails?

I might have to work up to it a bit. 🙂

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