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I pretty much worked through the whole weekend, because the start of semester put me behind on Serendib stuff, and I was feeling guilty about people waiting on their orders. I should be able to get all the orders for books and curry powder and soaps and bath salts out tomorrow, I think. Then back to masks.

I usually just do 3-4 masks / day, which takes about an hour. It’s a pretty chill thing to do between dinner and Dr. Who with the family — cut some fabric, cut some elastic or ties, sew some masks. But since I’m trying to catch up on the backlog, I decided to go a little more production style this weekend — I cut out all the fronts for current orders. A fun assemblage. 🙂 Which one do you like best?

(Kavi’s favorite here is the happy elephants, though she actually quite liked the teapots too.)

(I, of course, cannot pick a favorite. I love all my babies equally.)

Note: I am almost out of the owls fabric (2 left) and the rainbow fabric (1 left). The owls fabric I’ve had for a long time, so I won’t be able to get more of it, sorry! The rainbow fabric is from Spoonflower, so I *could* get more, but I probably won’t unless someone wants a big order of rainbow masks. And if so, you’d have to allow a few weeks of lead time for Spoonflower to print the fabric before it even gets to me. So mostly, those fabrics will likely be gone from my mask options soon.

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