Okay peeps, the Spoonflower weekly challenges are DANGEROUS. Last week was Gothic Halloween, and I didn’t enter anything in the challenge, but I did go a little nuts with buying fabric. There were just SO MANY patterns I loved, I couldn’t seem to pick.

I think my favorite is the chandeliers and bats (another one I’d love a dress out of — would be so fun to go teach in that on Halloween), but the funny/scary animals one is also SO GREAT. And the colors in the lanterns print…

Will post them separately soon, so I can properly link to each one, and Stephanie will add them to the mask ordering page. But for now, let’s just look ahead to Halloween, shall we? I don’t know what exactly we’ll do for it, in the year of the pandemic, but I plan to spend October well-masked. Now, which one of these do I want for myself……..


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