Asclepius in the Garden

One more set of seed packet soaps! So, so, so cute. I realize purple sunflowers might not be everyone’s thing, but that’s apparently what’s blooming in MY garden. 🙂 The sweet pea ones are my favorite, I think.

For this set, I decided to be brave and experiment with the essential oils that my friend Sarah L. sent me. I got this great box in the mail with scents like pettigrain and naiouli, which frankly, I had no idea how to use. Eep.

But it turns out if you google things like “what blends well with naiouli”, you get some guidance, and I really like how this blend came out — it’s light and herbal with a citrus-y, medicinal scent to it: about five shakes each of naiouli, eucalyptus, and mandarin orange for a pound of shea butter soap. I’m calling it “Asclepius in the Garden.”

Nice, hm? I figure if I start really designing scent blends, I get to give them names. This would be the perfect soap for washing your hands thoroughly after being out working in the garden (yes, you should be wearing gloves, but sometimes, you just want to get your hands in the dirt). Or, y’know, just washing your hands after being out in the world and touching anything…

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