Yesterday I was in really strong DON’T WANNA mode — there was so much to do, per usual, but none of it HAD to be done yesterday, and as a result, I mostly spent the day reading The Expanse and watching Lucifer. Was good. I was getting really cranky with the family for no good reason, so taking myself away to hide with entertainment was a smart move, I think. Too much work for too long.

Feeling better today, more myself, though still taking it relatively slow. I’ve caught up to the end of season 4 on Lucifer, and promised Kavi that we’d watch season 5 together, so I have to pause on that.

My plan is that she and I will do chores together while we watch over the next few weeks, and we’ll get our laundry actually sorted, the playroom organized, and the basement cleaned out too. We’ll see if she goes for that

I celebrated the Amazon check arriving for Feast on Friday with a long ramble through the neighborhood (shop local! It amused me to use Amazon profits to support my local businesses!), getting little items for myself and Kavi all over. (I looked for Kevin and Anand too, but neither of them particularly likes little tchotchkes, so it was harder). A pretty water bottle, a moon-ish necklace, that kind of thing. Mostly from CarefulPeach Boutique, 16 Suitcases, and Papersource.

I did stop into JAYNE too, but didn’t have the energy for actually trying on clothes. Another day. Got a bottle of red wine from Anfora Wine Merchants, new, just up the street. (I would’ve sat to read and drink a glass of wine in their outdoor area, but it was all full! Great to see business picking up.)

I did pick up some cute matching study supplies for Kavi’s work area in the playroom, and she’s going to ‘earn’ one of them for each stint of cleaning. I can’t put the pencil holder on the art desk, if the art desk is so covered with stuff that there isn’t any flat surface!

So far, the Hufflepuff lap desk has been claimed by her (Anand wasn’t actually using it), and a teal marble portfolio. More today, hopefully. (Portfolio is out of stock online, but I found the portfolio at my local Paper Source. It’s VERY pretty. I might have grabbed the last one, though!)

Kavi’s favorite colors have shifted AGAIN. She was all about the mint and pink a few months ago, when we painted her room, and now she’s shifted all the way to red, yellow, and purple. I mean, this is a decorating challenge, people. I think gold accents work reasonably okay with the existing teal and mint, so that’ll do for the yellow (she agreed), and purple is no problem. But red? Red with all of that is going to be quite bold. We’ll see if we can make it work. TINY pops of red. 🙂

Okay, off to start another load of laundry, and then watch some more Gardener’s World. This show is making me feel guilty about my neglected houseplants. Anand waters the ones on the first floor as one of his morning chores, but the second floor is still under my haphazard care…

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