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One small good thing about going virtual is that it’s forcing me to update some of my processes from paper to digital, and on occasion, the digital is much better.  Like signing up for critique slots — using SignUp Genius even lets them do things like swap slots themselves if they need to.


Hey, writers. I’ve pushed these out a little further than in the syllabus, as I suspect everyone could use a little more time. We’ll fill in with some extra writing exercises in weeks 3 and 4 instead. Please sign up for a slot — the date you sign up for is the date your story is DUE.

By midnight on that date, post your story to the Slack — I’ll create a channel for them. We’ll read and critique them over the week that follows, as people have time — all critiques will be due by the following Sunday (so you’ll have one week to read and post your crit).

[link to sign-up]

– Mary Anne

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