1st Day of 8th Grade

1st day of 8th grade! She was showered, dressed, and ready to go — excited per usual (Kavi likes school) and also a little nervous, I think (e-learning slightly more stressful).

I’m pretty sure I was seriously overoptimistic about Kavi’s ability to help Anand as needed — so far, she’s had her headphones in for the whole morning school session, and has been pretty focused — well, except for the bit where the teacher was having tech problems and told them to just chat with their friends, at which point the phone and FaceTime came out.

Maybe Kavi can manage supervising Anand the hour from 8-9, before her school starts — even that would be a big help. If I can have from 6-9 to wake up, have coffee / meds / breakfast, and write every morning, I might actually get a fair bit done this fall.

Otherwise, I might have to take another stab at the ‘go to bed by 9, so I can get up at 5 scenario’….

(Kevin┬áis not a lark; he is an owl. He’s up with them today, but if I can give him until 9 or 10 before he has to be up and helping, that will make his life a lot better. We’ll see.)

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