Taking on a Spoonflower Design Challenge

So, I’ve been wanting to try one of the Spoonflower design challenges, and I have an idea and some images sketched for the one that’s due tomorrow (cut-and-sew giftables), but I admit, I’m a little overwhelmed by the tech of it all. I have to:

a) take one pen sketch and turn it into something in Procreate (I think I maybe take a photo, upload the image, and then go over it digitally?)

b) take my other images that are thankfully already in Procreate

c) place all the images on a background of the right size (either a fat quarter or a full yard) — um, what program should I use for that? Is it something I can do in Procreate too? Do I need Photoshop? (I have Graphic Converter, and somewhat know how to use it, but somehow making images of specific dimensions has always been a little tricky for me; I don’t really know what I’m doing.)

d) outline all the cut-and-sew images appropriately with a border for sewing (need to look up dimensions, but also, need to be precise with specifications, right? 1/4″ margin or some such? How do I do that? Eep.)

e) either color the background or better, make a printable image layer for that too

f) add instruction text to that background (I think I can do that part)

g) ideally print at least a few test images on paper (on fabric would be better, but while I have a printer that can do that, in theory, there’s a whole ink issue that is it’s own problem that needs resolving…)

h) upload the whole thing to Spoonflower and enter it in the contest.

I mean, I have NO expectation of winning. I’d just like to actually enter.

And there’s no real reason why I need to finish this by the time of entering the contest, which is more than a little tight time-wise, except that if I don’t have that deadline, the odds of me coming back to this and doing it are very slim. And it’s a really charming design I have in my head, and I kind of want it to exist in the world.

But gah. Overwhelm. Maybe I should eat something.

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