How to Retire to a Beach

It was really lovely being at Lake Street beach in Gary with the kids. The weather was perfect, the water was perfect (a little cool, but fine once you were in, and gentle rolling waves that made it easy to practice swimming), the kids were so happy.

My only complaint is that it’s an hour away and I don’t love driving, especially when it’s a lot of driving through the city, changing highways, etc.

Note that there are minimal amenities here — a few port-a-potties, and that’s it. So bring your food and drink — you’ll drive past various restaurants when you’re almost there, so you can also stop and get something. (But who wants to stop when you’re almost at the beach?) $7 parking fee for out-of-towners, plus tolls to get there and back, no lifeguard on duty right now.

I admit, the temptation to pull the kids out of school for a day and go back next week is strong; usually we do 3-4 beach days at the end of the summer, and this is our first this year. We could go on the weekend, but I suspect it’d be too crowded for social distancing comfort.

Well, we’ll see how e-learning goes.

But I may have to start scheming how we could possibly retire to a beach somewhere.

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