That’s Worth Something Too

I spent most of yesterday on sewing masks and organizing the basement. Most of the latter was somewhat tedious sorting of clutter, but as a reward for getting through a few hours of that, I let myself assemble a new potting bench. (Yes, I kind of think assembling furniture is fun. As long as it’s well-designed, and I’m not having to do many pieces in a row.)

A potting bench should make it a lot easier to do seed starting down there — last winter, I was mostly sitting on the concrete, and while I have nothing against that in theory, in practice, it ended up being sort of a pain, since I was constantly getting up to go get water, get more seeds, etc. I’m almost 50, folks. Up and down is slightly harder than it used to be…

Now, will the cost of a potting bench be offset sufficiently by how much money I save by starting seeds? Um, maybe not? But it is blue! And pretty! That’s worth something too. 

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