Poor Munchkin

Anand has been so sad about going back to school. We keep having conversations about ‘keep an open mind’ and ‘it might be fun’ and ‘maybe they’ll figure out a way to use breakout rooms so you can actually chat with 3-4 other kids at a time, so there’ll be some fun socializing time’ but he is very not convinced.¬†¬†Poor munchkin.

Yesterday, though, I set up his little schoolwork station, with some bright Anand-friendly yellows (the mat, etc. via Amazon), and he had a little fun, so that’s something. We’re planning to have two bins on the bench there (out of picture), one for school supplies, and the other for fidget-type things. Play-doh, magnetic spinny things, stress balls, etc. Hopefully that’ll help.

He’s playing with a tiny little Lego car that came with the Brick mug — the idea of the mug is that you can attach Legos directly onto it, a clever, funny item for a desk. Hopefully, cheerful school supplies will help a little — it’s a lot cheaper than private tutoring, anyway. We’ll see.

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