A Little Summer Fun

I took Kavi to the Art Institute on Thursday — it was very easy to maintain social distancing; really glad we went. I didn’t want the summer to end without at least a little summer fun.

Anand opted to stay home and play video games instead, which was probably just as well — Kavi made it about 2.5 hrs, and I think Anand would have lasted about 15 minutes.

You do need to buy your ticket in advance, as the museum is operating at 25% capacity. Kids 13 and under are free.

I’m too tired to write up proper notes, but we visited the South Asian wing, the Chagall windows, Vincent Van Gogh (that Dr. Who epsiode!), the arms and armor (nice addition of rearing horses and men in armor; that’s a new one to me), and the Thorne miniature rooms, which Kavi said were her favorites. 

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