It’s Sheer Luck

Oh, yes, we must factor in the time to UPLOAD all these videos we make, esp. if uploading to multiple locations. Okay, okay. At least I can set it to uploading and then go weed a little….

My tentative plan for asynchronous teaching weekdays is:

• 7 – 10 a.m. reserved for writing this fall (with hourly check-ins, probably, from 8 on, to make sure the kids are doing okay with e-learning),
• 10 – 2 (with a lunch break), teaching work
• 2 – 4 SLF & Serendib Press work

By 4 p.m., the ADD meds have run their course and my brain has usually mostly stopped working, even with judicious application of tea. Ideally, I’d love to keep Wednesday completely free of teaching and SLF / Press work, for an extra mental break, but that might require more discipline on the other days than I actually possess.

That’s a 9-hour workday, four days / week, and maybe 4 hours on Wednesday, so aiming towards 40 hours / week?

I teach two classes; I think that’ll be feasible, though of course, weeks where I’m grading papers, the school time needs will be much increased, and I may have to cut into writing time or press / SLF time. We’ll see.

(I am very grateful that my kids happen to be older and mostly self-sufficient during this pandemic. VERY GRATEFUL. It’s sheer luck.)

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