If You Need Tech Help

Teachers, if you need tech help, ask someone. I did a whole Blackboard tutorial this summer (more than one!), but of course had mostly forgotten the specifics, and I was getting very frustrated, but then Kevin came and showed me how to do it in about five minutes and all is well now.

I realize I am very lucky to have in-home tech support, but I showed him how to use Slack yesterday, so fair is fair.

If you don’t know who you should ask about your tech issues, then your first step is to figure that out — an IT department, your department, a local FB group or forum, etc.

This applies to students and parents too.


(I find Blackboard’s labelling of Content Area SUPER NON-INTUITIVE, I just have to say. Also, there are TOO MANY OPTIONS. And burying the bit that makes the class visible several layers down in a place you never go otherwise IS STUPID. I want the ease-of-use of Zoom + reliability and security. Somebody fix that.)

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