I Should be Fed Bonbons

I may have slightly mis-scheduled myself, because apparently my brain is convinced that I CAN’T POSSIBLY need to finalize my syllabi on the same day I finished writing my novel.

I finished writing a novel today! I should by lying around being fed bonbons, yes? (I did eat quite a few of the Australian chocolates that Karina sent me for my birthday in celebration. But I still kind of want cake. But we have no cake. Maybe I’ll have ice cream. We have LOTS of homemade ice cream.)

In related news of what I’m actually doing instead of finalizing my syllabi or recording an intro video for tomorrow, still enjoying Star Trek: Lower Decks.

I laughed out loud several times watching the third episode. Much fan service. Delightful how they’re using the Enterprise and its crew as a legendary foil for this hapless bunch. 

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