Off We Go

Made it through several commitments at two different conventions this weekend, oof. Also sent out preliminary e-mail + video to my students saying hi and getting them started on a Doodle poll so we can set up some town hall style office hours. Forgot to make video public so they could actually see it, but a student let me know, and I fixed it. Ah, tech.

Going to collapse and watch Dr. Who with the kids. Tomorrow, the final tweaks to the syllabus, and then Tuesday, off we go….


OFFICE HOURS: While we won’t be meeting all together as a group, I’ll have multiple ‘town hall office hours’ set up weekly (on Zoom or Blackboard), as well as an asynchronous forum where you can drop questions in at any time; I’m hoping to also schedule some forum times where we can hang out in groups. These aren’t required, but attending them will greatly enrich your class experience. It’s not the same as being in person, but it’ll help.


• Send me your availability, so I can find good times for my town hall office hours – if I have these all back by Wednesday night of the first week, that would be ideal! Please mark all times that would work for you: [link to poll]



• Plan to complete your assigned class work on a weekly basis

• The week’s assignments will be due by Sunday at midnight. (Generally, you’ll do better doing them in smaller chunks throughout the week, instead of trying to do it all Sunday night).

Making an engaging class experience is going to be a joint effort; part of your responsibility for this class is to keep up with your work, but also to take opportunities to engage with me and your classmates. Come hang out in office hours, stop by the forum every day or two, write questions and comments, respond to your classmates. It’ll help you do well and hopefully have fun in the class, and will also help everyone else in class too.

There will be tech difficulties. I’ll make mistakes, you’ll make mistakes; it’s okay. As long as we stay in close communication, we’ll sort through them quickly.

Questions? Ask! Syllabus coming soon!

– Mary Anne

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