My Thoughts on the Re-do of the White House Gardens

You know, my feed is suddenly full of criticism of Melania Trump’s re-do of the White House gardens, and I have to say, as a gardener, I strongly disagree, and it makes me angry every time I see it. The comments about her coldness, etc. seem particularly sexist, in the ‘frigid bitch’ style of critique.

She’s gone to a more formal style, reminiscent of classic French gardens, and it’s certainly not my style, but there is nothing inherently wrong with it. I’m sure a lot of people find that style calming and pleasing, to have closely clipped box hedges and patterned gardens.

Also, for those bemoaning the lack of color and liveliness, if those are all just planted, it will take a little time for any flowers to come to their full size and bloom. Give it at least a year, ideally three. With any luck, she and her husband will be out of the White House by then, but there’s nothing wrong with the plants themselves, and the next inhabitants will likely enjoy plenty of blooms.

The trees that she took out were moved elsewhere on the grounds, the rose bushes I’m sure were propagated and they can regrow them as needed. I would like everybody to chill and stop beating up on the woman. 

[EDITING AFTER 300 comments to note that I am objecting to the virulently misogynistic nature of many comments I’ve been seeing. Also, the many misunderstandings about gardening specifics have been frustrating (though understandable).

Feel free to critique her on actual policy, etc. as much as you like. I’ll cheer you on. Just leave the vicious sexism out.]

Adding a link to a good post from a master gardener explaining the actual specifics of trees / roses:…

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