A Little Harried

Eep, I left the garden sprinkler running overnight — I might be a little harried right now. Well, that bit of the garden is very very watered now.

So far this morning, I’ve listened to my sister’s podcast episode, and reviewed a beef smoore video we’ll be putting up this weekend.

I was trying to make it the day before the TV show recorded, and I have to admit, it came out a little bit of a mess because I was so stressed — I kept making mistakes, confusing the Instant Pot and stovetop versions of the recipe, so sorry about that!

Darius managed to clean it up pretty well in editing, thankfully, so it’s not totally incoherent. Note to self: only make cooking videos when you are feeling chill.

The plan for today is to try to make good progress on both novel and garden in the morning, then switch to teaching prep and SLF work in the afternoon, and finish the day with a hosts’ roundtable at Fiberworld. Yesterday’s opening ceremonies went well, I think — I hope I was moderately entertaining.

I had indulged myself with a bunch of brightly colored eye and lip make-up at the drugstore earlier in the day, the sort of thing I never wear, and it was honestly super-fun getting made-up.

Kavi came upstairs and said, “Whoa! You look so fancy! I look so boring next to you! Do I always look so boring??” Well, yes, because you’re mostly in the phase of early teen hood where you seem to want to disappear into the crowd, but that’s okay.  I have full confidence you’ll learn how to stand out when you want to…

We’ll get into some meatier conversation at tonight’s hosts’ round-table, I think — I’m hoping to talk with Franklin Habit and Nacinimod (House of Nassat) about things like working with cultural and ethnic traditions, how to do so respectfully, fusion work, etc. and so on. I may end up talking about food a lot, we’ll see.  But there’ll be plenty of fiber fiber fiber talk too.

Here’s another little clip from one of my conversations with Kel — I’ll link to the full conversation in the first comment.

Register for Fiberworld here (I think today’s classes are closed to registration at this point, but you can register for the event overall (lots of vendors to shop, lots of booths to drop into, etc.) and sign up for Fri / Sat / Sun classes still):


You can view the whole video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WohxgezFpHM&fbclid=IwAR26RYCTDFyosPZSRR-lzJRsRboGpty_CHddKI-nfsLKsp9PoWVqlxEwMfo

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