Drowning a Little

Drowning a bit the next few days. I’m trying to finish a novel and give it to my agent before the semester starts, I’m one of the three co-hosts for Fiberworld (so evening commitments every night for the next four nights), I’m on several panels at NASFiC this same weekend (virtual conventions means you can attend multiple ones the same weekend, hmm)…

…and oh yes, classes start next week, and even though I’ve been preparing all summer, I’m not as prepared as I’d like to be. (Never as prepared as I’d like to be, but that’s the way of it. Breathe, teachers. It’s going to be fine.) Fun times.

Next week should be calmer by a lot. 😊 Once I actually meet my new crop of students, the semester always feels better. But I’m trying to keep my chill; I did manage to play Terraria with Anand on Monday, and watch a Disney movie (The Little Mermaid) with Kavi on Tuesday. I’m trying to build at least a few hours of downtime into each day so I don’t melt. This afternoon, I’m thinking maybe the forest with the kids? We’ll see.

This morning, I’m alternating a host of neglected garden tasks (it’s going to be hot the next few days, so trying to give the garden a good soaking today, and there’s so much weeding and clean-up it could use) with continuing the clean-up pass on the novel.

That pass is going well, not quite as fast as I’d hoped. Better not to rush it, though. Patience, Mary Anne. Do all the things if you can, but do them well, and with grace. And if you can’t, put some things down. If a few extra weeds grow for a few extra weeks, it’s okay. (If the backyard turns into an ravenous jungle beast of weeds, that’s also okay.)

I’ll leave you with another clip from my conversation with Kel Bachus about Fiberworld (and I’m going to link to the full video conversation in the first comment). In this one, we’re talking about:

– the fiber industry overall
– the effect of the pandemic on conventions
– the difference between moving a SF convention online versus moving a tactile-based art form convention online
– I maybe get a little bit too into the petting of yarn 

And hey, Fiberworld starts today! I’ll be co-hosting opening ceremonies this evening with Franklin Habit (gorgeous pattern designer, his work is STUNNING, also author, teacher, and illustrator) and Nacinimod Deodee (artist and designer of the House of Nassat — have you seen fabulous African-inspired crocheted clothing for men? You have to take a look, if not, so cool.)

Register here: https://fiberworld2020.com

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