Yes, Milady

I stuck this trellis somewhat randomly near the vegetable garden, planning to do something more organized with it, and never got around to it, but the cucumber plant found it anyway, woot. 🙂

This is a basic Burpee ‘burpless’ cucumber — I’m not really a cucumber aficionado, but it seems fine? Not particularly flavorful; pretty neutral overall, I think. I wasn’t sure how you knew it was ready to pick…?

Oh, I have a long way to go on vegetable gardening. But the cherry tomatoes are yummy, the cucumber is fine, and it was fun making lunch for me and the kids out of the garden. Well, garden + bread and salami.

I told Kavi we have a LOT of cucumbers coming, and she said that was good, but requested white bread for her cucumber sandwiches going forward. Yes, milady. The kitchen shall endeavor to provide satisfaction.

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