Kel and I on Fiberworld

Here’s a 4-minute clip of Kel Bachus and me talking about Fiberworld. We discuss whether crafting is just for grannies (I’m sure you can guess what we think about that), the size of the market, cost of yarn, yarn conferences, etc. I’m not sure what’s going to happen with these clips, but I think eventually maybe we’ll have a podcast around crafting, making, domesticity, gender, small business, etc. The way work that’s been seen as women’s labor gets devalued….

Reminder that I’m going to be offering two classes at Fiberworld (Knitted Sweets, Sewing a Face Mask). I’ll also be doing a talk on South Asian textile arts (intro-level, as I’m no expert!), a poetry reading, and hosting their fashion show. Will be fun. 

Class pricing and convention registration at the Fiberworld site. Register here:

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