Strawberry Rose Ice Cream

It’s hot here, so seems like a good day to share ice cream — here’s me and Kavi making Strawberry Rose Ice Cream. Yummy! (LOOK AT HOW TALL SHE IS NOW I CAN’T EVEN.)

There are no ice cream recipes in my cookbook yet, but we’ll be releasing some little mini ebooks in the future — someone just said they liked the Marshmallows of Serendib ebook (13 marshmallow recipes, on Amazon or my Shopify site), and that I should do cookies too.

I’d been planning a desserts one generally, but maybe we’ll do a separate one for cookies, and maybe one for ice creams? Some South Asian-ish, some garden-ish. Hm, now I want to come up with a science fictional ice cream.

That’d be fun. 

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