Must Fuel the Beast

I only got a single scene written while sick yesterday, but three more today, plus a revision of chapter 15, so I’m caught up and back on schedule now. 57,225 words revised, and the book stands at 75,710.

Closing in on that 80k target — which is really only the vaguest of targets. If it ends up 75K, that’ll be fine. 85K ditto. 

The goal at this point: finish this revision pass by the end of the week, then go through and implement all the little edits from my beta readers. It’s really pretty clean at this point, but Jed is very good at finding every tiny little point of ambiguity that needs cleaning up. Super-helpful.

Goal: Give it to my agent Monday morning the 17th, and have the decks cleared for final intensive academic prep work that week. Scan and upload all the files the students will need, make intro videos if I haven’t yet, etc. The semester starts on the Monday following, the 24th. Down to the wire, folks…

But for now — I’ve promised Anand a swim battle at 4, and I am in dire need of a snack first. Must fuel the beast.

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