Yesterday was Rotten

Honestly, yesterday was rotten — just queasy and exhausted from noon on, after a night of not sleeping. I don’t even really know why I didn’t sleep — I stayed up a little later than I should, a little fretful about behind behind on work, and I missed my window. These days, if I don’t get to bed at the regular time, I get very wakeful and generally can’t settle down to proper sleep after that. Aging, bah.

(It’s so boring hearing about other people’s health issues, I know, but they are infinitely fascinating to ourselves, because when the body is not working right, it can be overwhelming…)

I made the mistake of trying to have some caffeinated tea to help me work a little longer, around noon yesterday, and I think that just tipped me over the edge in an upset stomach that wouldn’t go away.

I did get one scene written around 6-ish, but that was it — the day was mostly watching The Expanse, and checking out The Mandalorian, and then Dr. Who with the kids. The family was very sweet and took good care of me, bringing me food and meds and drinks and snuggles.

Fell solidly asleep at 10, slept ’til 6:30, doing much better today. Sleep, glorious sleep. I love it so. A little tired still; it’ll probably be another day before I’m 100%. But writing nicely now — two scenes added to fill out chapter 13, one more to go.

And hey, speaking of friends who stretch you to do new things (see scene) —¬†Amanda Daly, my brilliant swimming instructor, this morning’s scene is for you. I still can’t breathe properly, but I haven’t given up yet.¬†

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