One Thing I Wanted to Ask

I know I said I was going to turn off FB, but I remembered one thing I wanted to ask. I’ve been thinking off and on that this fall, for all of us helping our kids do e-learning remotely, it might be helpful to have parents we can call for advice. Tech help, certainly, maybe even math / science / English / etc.?

I’m not sure how to do it correctly. I’m not talking about tutors for the kids themselves (that’s a separate issue, and you run into a host of regulations around it). But a parent-to-parent resource of some kind.

I think I’m picturing something like a Google doc / spreadsheet, along with a FB group or Slack channel? Maybe organized school-by-school, so you could ask things like, “Hey, does anyone know what Ms. Rigali meant by “…..” in Tuesday’s homework?” Or, “Can someone point me to a good refresher online for long division, especially the way they want the kids to do it these days?”

I dunno. Helpful? Not helpful? I can’t put in a lot of time myself, but I’d probably be willing to sign up for an hour or two / week time slot in the afternoon, to be available for quick academic questions.

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