Spent Longer in the Writing Chair

Spent a lot longer in the writing chair than normal today, but I was doing other things from 8 – 11 (good, organizational things), and then writing + lunch + writing from 11 – 2:30, and I drafted an entire new chapter and wrote about 3300 words, so that’s very good. I think they’re probably decent words too? Hard to say when they’re so new.

Book stands at 48,359 words revised now, 72,700 words total. I’m aiming for about 80,000, I think, so this is coming very nicely. And I’m hopeful that as we move into part two, it’s going to be mostly revision going forward, which should move pretty fast.

I do need to spend a big chunk of time on Wild Cards tomorrow, due to a deadline, so may have to skip novel for a day. We’ll see. But happy so far. Now, errands. Garden needs mulch, and I think I’m going to reward myself with a new plant too.

I hear Costco has $50 tall fiddlehead figs, and Anand somehow managed to break one of my tall indoor plants completely, snapping the stem. That sad pot has been reproaching me…

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