Snapshots of Sound

I wish I could as easily take snapshots of sound as well as images. It’s very quiet out in the shed this morning, but the quiet has a pleasant underlay — the crackle of a candle (designed to mimic the crackling of a wood fire), the gurgling of the filter on the pool (I know it’s not actually a fountain, but it still sounds like moving water), birdsong breaking through periodically. V. pleasant.

Getting a bit of a slow start — didn’t get out of bed until 8-ish (I was up at 7, and just didn’t want to move), but I’ve done a little baking prep (buttering the trays and freezing them for madeleines) and organized a bit of the mudroom (all while listening to The Sporkful podcast and its ongoing coverage of the racism scandals at Bon Appetit, well worth listening to if you’re interested in foodie / food business stuff).

And now I’m ensconced in the shed, resisting the urge to nap, hoping to go on to the next chapter of novel revisions. My first readers seem to be really loving this draft, so that’s encouraging. I did spend much of the weekend binging season 2 of the Umbrella Academy (v. good, I thought), so I’m going to need to resist the urge to throw bloody explosions into everything. Okay, maybe ONE bloody explosion. Two? Two is surely okay…


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