Out of Stock

My ADD meds have been out of stock for two days and I am super-annoyed at Walgreens, for the record, and increasingly unable to cope with being organized about anything, so until I get the meds (they promise) tomorrow, if I am very short-tempered with you and/or completely useless at thinking clearly about anything, that’s why.

Also, I’m about to go into one emergency union faculty rep. meeting, and have another major board meeting tomorrow, with difficult decisions to be made and the weighing of many complex factors; this is not the time for me to be bad at thinking, GAH.

On the plus side, my lemon-lime madeleines dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with passionfruit sparkles came out nicely, so I guess that’s something. First time making madeleines. Not sure why so many recipes claim they’re hard — seemed very straightforward. Even for someone who is failing at thinking currently.

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