Halfway Through Chapter 12

Only got halfway through chapter 12, but sending it along to the first readers anyway, as it’s all brand new material. Drafting is slower than revising! 2500 new words this morning, which is more than I’ve drafted in quite a while.

AND I had a crowd scene in there, with a lot of people gathered together, which honestly is not so easy to write. Would be so much easier to do that scene in a play — oh well!  (I’m not complaining, as I’m very aware that I have one of the best jobs in the universe. Well, I am complaining, but only in the mildest of ways….)

The next few chapters may be a bit more raw than the previous, as I think it’s going to be mostly new material. But still, now that I know what the book is about, it’s so much easier to draft.  Nice to not be muddling around in a complete haze!

And now breaking for e-mail and baking and sewing and such.

There was already a break this morning, a 45-minute interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, which will be running a piece on my Feast of Serendib on, I think she said, the 13th? Exciting. 

And I told I’ll be on TV soon, right? Funfun. Well, I’m super-anxious about it, but I will prepare and over-prepare, and that will help. If I drop my food in the middle of the 4-minute segment, I will try to channel Julia and maintain my sang-froid!

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