Nasty Surprises

Sigh. I didn’t expect to have to post about racism in a garden group, but here we are. 2020 is full of nasty surprises. Just posted to my local group.


Admin request: While we understand the impulse to make jokes about the “Chinese seeds,” often with references to conspiracy theories, monster plant imagery, and pandemic concerns, unfortunately, the cumulative effect of such posts and comments ends up adding to the racism that many Chinese Americans in our community already face, which has been accelerated by the recent health crisis.

And while the Chinese government certainly at times deserves criticism (as does our own, frankly), this isn’t really the appropriate place for those discussions; they’re very much off-topic.

So your admin team is asking folks to please refrain from such jokes going forward. Let’s keep the garden and this group a cheerful place, welcoming to all. Thanks!


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