Should I Offer Anything Else?

Brainstorming Fiberworld classes I can offer, which I should have done a month ago, but Kel is kindly letting me slip a few in under the wire. I’m currently thinking:

• Knitted Sweets: featuring knit & crochet cookies and knit chocolate bars, we’ll show you how to use embossed rollers and molds to make fun textile-inspired treats for your next stitch-and-bitch, or just to enjoy at home. Mary Anne will share a recipe for a chai-spiced chocolate cookie dough, demonstrate rolling out cookies with an embossed roller, show you how to highlight the pattern with edible gold luster dust, how to dip and decorate with melted chocolate, and how to make a solid knit-pattern chocolate bar as well.

• Kantha Stitching: similar to sashiko in appearance, traditional Bengali kantha embroidery uses a simple running stitch to bind light pieces of cotton together, traditionally used to salvage old cotton saris and turn them into lightweight throws, cushions, and more. Bring an embroidery needle, some floss, and some scrap pieces of cotton if you’d like to stitch along as Mary Anne demonstrates how she salvages remnants of mask fabric and transforms them into charming bookmarks.

• Sewing the Deaconness-style Pleated Face Mask: bring your sewing machine, fabric, and tools if you want to sew along with us, or just come watch as we talk and walk through the steps for creating a mask with two layers of 100% cotton, a sewn-in layer of filter fabric, and a metal nose piece. We’ll be cutting two 6×9 rectangles of fabric and one of filter fabric, if you’d like to prep that in advance, and Mary Anne will show you some of the options for fastening — ear elastics, head and neck elastics, and fabric ties made from both bias tape and twill tape. She’ll also share some of her favorite geeky & botanical design fabrics that you can find on Spoonflower.


How does that look? Anything unclear? Do these look interesting? Should I be offering anything else?

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