Little Sewing Project

Little sewing project. I’ve been in the shed early enough recently that sun starts pouring in and casting glare on the screen (and also making the shed hotter faster). I have to say, it’s really lovely having the minimal sewing skills that let me take a store-bought curtain and cut it to size, finishing it neatly, in 15-20 minutes. Measure, cut, sew. Woot.

(It’s not quite done, actually, because I think I’d rather have it on a rod above the window, so it can be pulled completely clear, allowing for more breeze, but I need to buy and install that rod first, and I had this little spring rod on hand; this’ll do for now. It’s functional, which is what matters for getting this novel revision done.)

I kind of think everyone should know how to do this kind of very basic sewing before they leave high school. I should make a list sometime soon, because as Kavi keeps saying, sounding somewhat appalled, in one more year, she’ll be in HIGH SCHOOL. If we have a list of basic adulting skills, we can try to work on any the school doesn’t cover, so she can be nicely competent when she goes off to college.

Of course, there are some things, like plumbing, that Kevin and I seem to fail at every time we try it. Maybe we need to recruit other adults to teach the kids the basics we somehow never learned ourselves. 

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