It’s Hard to Stop

I messed up my ‘get up at 5 a.m.’ schedule a little bit by spending two hours sewing after Dr. Who last night — I was wide awake, and I really did want to try making some clothes for myself, which has been a plan all summer, and once I started, it was hard to stop.

(I’ll just cut out the pieces and then go to bed. Yeah, right.)

This is going to be a floaty top, the kind you can pull over your head, so kind of boxy in shape, since I didn’t want to fuss with trying to insert a zipper, or even with darts. Usually I prefer clothes that are a little more close-fitting, skimming the body, especially when working with something like this 100% cotton, which doesn’t really have much (any?) drape. But it’s been a long time since I sewed a zipper or darts (or sewed clothes at all), and I like this fabric and don’t want to mess it up, so boxy it is. S’okay. On the plus side, should be nice and airy for a hot summer day.

I only had a yard of fabric, so it wasn’t quite enough to do the simplest thing, laying down a tank, cutting around it, sewing the two pieces together, hem, done. I ended up needing to add a panel on either side to get it big enough, which added a little time. But I like the effect of the added panels, actually — brings a little interesting style to the project. It’s no Project Runway, but not embarrassing for a beginner sewist! Hope to finish it and maybe a matching mask too pretty quickly. Maybe in time for my 10 a.m. coffee-with-potential-candidate?

Anyway, I did make it awake by 6:10, and am out in the shed now, at 6:30, going to try to revise a chapter. If I finish in time to also finish the sewing, great; if not, that is okay. Writing comes first, not that my last-night-self had any interest in prioritizing that, or sleep. Writing + sleep, Mary Anne. V. important.

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