Bit by Bit

I revised two scenes, and then got a little stuck, because I want one of the characters to be a funny guy, and in order to write that well, *I* have to be at least a little funny, and my brain was failing to find the funny. I thought maybe breakfast would help, so I went in to heat up some leftovers.

(Sidebar: I had Thai green curry chicken and rice, yum, with a lot of light curry sauce, so it was more like a Thai soup with rice and lots of veggies and a little chicken, and it was perfect. It reminded me of kola kenda, the green herbal soup / porridge people often have for breakfast in Sri Lanka, which made me wonder whether there’s some Western tradition of a savory breakfast soup / porridge that I’m just not familiar with? It seems a little odd to me that in cold countries, you wouldn’t have evolved this as an option; such a tasty, heartening way to start off a work day.)

After food and reminding Anand to feed and water the pets, I took ten minutes to sew an armhole. It’s a little fussy and annoying, ironing the curving edge down, and then refolding and doing it again to hide the raw edge completely.

But when you take that doubled over edge and run it through the sewing machine (I usually don’t bother to pin if I’m just making something for myself to wear — the ironing is enough), it’s just a little magical. And then you iron it, and it’s all so smooth and neat and you marvel at how that happened, when it felt like such a mess before.

I know this is all super-novice sewing; my lines of stitching are not so neat, and I didn’t bother to notch the curves, or add an inch-long strip of fabric or interfacing on the inside (which I think is meant to help it lay flatter?). But it will be wearable, and I’m feeling proud of myself anyway. 

Okay, back to the shed. Another scene or two, and then maybe the other armhole. Bit by bit.

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