Racing with Myself

Had a little trouble sleeping because I forgot my meds last night, oops, but on the plus side, was up by 5, had coffee and buttered toast and straightened up the first floor a bit, and have made it to the writing shed by 5:30. I feel like I’m racing with myself a little bit — just how quickly can I get out here, anyway?  It was still dark out when I was making my coffee, but the sky was just lightening as I came out the back door.

I have a coffee with a friend at 9 today, so I’ll need to take a break from writing then. That means that I shouldn’t putter away the first hours of the day on other stuff, the way I did yesterday. I’m going to finish the chapter of The Expanse that I’m reading, and then switch over to writing. I have a few more photos to post from yesterday’s birthday fun, but they can wait until I finish revising a chapter.

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