Discipline, Tough

Well, it’s going to take a few days to switch over to my ‘get up and start revising the novel at 5 a.m.’ plan, clearly. I did set an alarm for 5, but when it went off, I set another for 5:30, and when that went off, I set another for 6. Discipline, tough.

I finally got up and made it out to the shed, though, at 6:26 a.m. I’m breakfasted (hooray for leftover pizza) and with coffee in hand, and I have my schedule clear until 11 for writing, so we’ll see how it goes. Revising two chapters today would be very nice.

I was a little stressed at the end of yesterday because while I’d written and relaxed some, I had been almost unable to make myself deal with any e-mail / teaching work, and y’know, I do still have to do that. My plan was to write in the mornings and do that in the afternoons.

But Kevin reminded me that yesterday was also a little bit of an odd day, because I’d promised Kavi that we’d make those Totoro cookies and then watch Totoro, so that ate up a few hours too. And I was short of sleep. It’s okay. Some e-mail and Serendib Press work and SLF work and teaching prep will happen this afternoon. It’s all good.

And look. The kids were very happy to eat Totoro cookies — I had mine with homemade ice cream (strawberry-rose and chocolate) and fresh strawberries. And we curled up in the basement and watched a sweet movie they haven’t seen since Kavi was 3 and Anand was 1, and Kavi says I can buy her all the Totoro clothing I want, because Totoro is SO CUTE. Yes, yes he is. Forest spirits for the win.

Okay, closing FB and writing now. 6:32 a.m. Onwards.

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