Do You Even Have to Ask?

Last night’s sewing, accompanied by West Wing re-runs because I was just in that kind of mood. This customer ordered all head & neck elastics; I do think those are ideal for 3-4 hours of wear, much less likely to irritate the skin than ear elastics. For all-day wear, I might opt for fabric ties, so I could untie the top and drop it forward to eat lunch, then lift up and re-tie, with minimal risk of contamination.

I was starting to get a little stressed, because it seemed like I had a lot of mask orders, and I fret that I’m going to fall behind, but then I counted, and there’s only about 40 to sew right now, which is about 10-14 days to produce, so that’s totally fine. Whew. There was just a flurry all at once, which threw me off a bit. 🙂 I’m trying to keep mask-sewing to no more than 1 hr / day, both to save my aging back, and to keep enough time for writing. At least theoretically writing.

This set is a nice mix of geeky and non-geeky — some neutral patterns, but also spooky owls, bright castles, origami dragons and a toile Enterprise.

Kavi asked me if I would wear a dress with toile Star Trek on it, and I said, “Do you even have to ask?” When it is time for in-person conventions again, you know I’ll be trying to sew myself one…with matching mask, of course!

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