A Motley Assemblage

Okay, this was fun. I sewed a plague doctor mask for my little sister, Sharms Murraj, who is an actual plague doctor. (Infectious disease doc, we call them now.) AND I made the kids clean out the storage ottomans and there’s fully half a bin of toys they’ve outgrown, a motley assemblage, so we’ve packed all those up in a box.

My kids think Veera and Tagore will be super-excited to get a box like this — they honestly sounded a little envious, which is kind of funny, given this was actually their own completely neglected stuff.

I think V & T’s parents may be slightly less excited to get a box of random mostly-plastic bits and bobs, but perhaps it will provide a few days of pandemic entertainment, at least. There’s also a pink unicorn swimsuit I sewed for Veera, to match one that’s going out to her cousin Savreen — hope they fit! And I added in a few of Kavi’s strawberry-rose marshmallows; fingers crossed they don’t melt in transit!

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