Summer Decal Project #4

Summer decal project #4 — — irises. We’ve had curtains in this powder room for ten years, and it worked okay, but honestly, wasn’t quite as opaque as might be ideal, esp. given that we have an apartment building about 6′ away on the other side. So we tried adding privacy film, and I love the way it came out. We have more privacy and also more light at the same time, which is an impressive trick.

The rest of the family agrees. Kavi was particularly impressed with how even though the film is flat, the grey leading part of the design is done so that it looks like it’s raised. Shadows are cool.

The film wasn’t as wide as our windows, but they design it with a matching repeat on the edges, so that you can cut another and match it up — you can see in the close-up how neatly that lines up.

This took 3 rolls, because of the need to cut and trim. So around $60 total for this project — not bad, considering actual stained glass here would be more like $1000, I think. 

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